Ten years ago, with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Lita’s help, I was able to buy my first car.  Being a fan of all things retro, I fell in love with PT Cruisers ever since the first model came on the market.  When I found this particular used model (year: 2001), I literally jumped for joy!  When Grandma and Grandpa offered to co-sign my loan, my jumps for joy turned into leaps!

My First Car: Thank You, Grandpa and Grandma!

When Grandpa Bob and I arrived at the car dealership the day after I first met my PT, his introduction to my car is something I will never forget:

“So, where’s the car?” said Grandpa. 

I happily pointed to the navy blue PT Cruiser in front of us and said “Here it is!!”

“This one?” asked Grandpa, “Are you sure?”

“Well…yeah…” I replied questionably.  “….why, Grandpa?”

And then Grandpa stated “Well…it looks like a giant turd!” 

“Granddddddpaaaa!” I exclaimed (while laughing under my breath). 

I knew that statement was all in good fun…I just couldn’t believe that my then-75-year-old grandpa said the word turd. 🙂 

Grandpa then followed his comedic assertion with an act of kindness I will always remember:

“You really like this car, huh?” asked Grandpa.

“I LOVE it!” I replied.

“Well, that’s all that matters.” Grandpa explained, and he proceeded to walk into the dealership offices with my Grandma to fill out all the necessary paperwork.

Grandpa, thank you for setting aside your granddaughter’s questionable taste in cars and helping her fulfill an important milestone in every young person’s life.  🙂