Talking to Alzheimer’s: Simple Ways to Connect When You Visit with a Family Member or Friend. Author: Claudia J. Strauss

Grandpa bravely battled Alzheimer’s disease during his later years.  I poured through many books about this degenerative disorder, and although all were very informative, I only found one that spoke to me as the family member.

As the years progressed, it soon came to the point where I needed to figure out HOW to visit Grandpa.  I had to stop the Alzheimer’s symptoms from intimidating me.  Luckily, I found Talking to Alzheimer’s by Claudia J. Strauss.  This book helped me to look at Grandpa as not the Alzheimer’s patient, but as my grandpa…who just happened to have Alzheimer’s disease.

The number one thing that sets this book apart from others is that it treats your loved one who has this disease with respect.  You get to peek into the perspective of your loved one, what he must be thinking and feeling.  You feel the advocacy that Strauss has for these individuals.  All of the tips she gives you revolve around the importance that every person living with Alzheimer’s disease needs to feel a sense of dignity.

Strauss also brings the scary diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease down-to-earth.  She helps you realize that your loved one, even with the diagnosis, still has a lot of life to share with those around him.  Whether your loved one lives at home or at a care facility, Strauss explains every possible scenario you might come across during a visit with your loved one and helps you work through it.

Talking to Alzheimer’s helped make each one of my visits with Grandpa extremely meaningful.  I owe Claudia J. Strauss an endless amount of gratitude.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to those who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia as well as to those who work with this population.