This week marks Grandpa Bob’s 1 year memorial.  Before writing this post, I asked myself: What would Grandpa like us to do on this occasion?

I think he would like us to look back on the happy times…to learn from his successes as well as his mistakes…to remember his invaluable bits of advice and his love for his family.

One of the greatest memories I will always carry with me was Grandpa Bob’s unique ability to connect with children.  Even though he often displayed a tough-guy exterior, he always had a soft-spot for the little ones in his life.

Below is a small collection of photos of Grandpa Bob and the children he grew to love throughout his long life:

Grandpa with a mystery cutie pie!

Grandpa with Grandma Lita, my mom, and another adorable little one

1977: Grandpa with his first granddaughter, Jennifer

1979: Grandpa and me (with my dad)

1983: Grandpa with Grandma Lita and the grandkids, including baby Jacqueline

Grandpa teaching his granddaughter, Erin, a thing or two!

Grandpa with his great-granddaughter, Jayda

To all of Grandpa Bob’s family and friends:

What fond memories do YOU have of Grandpa Bob while you were a child?  Did he have a positive impact on the lives of YOUR children?  Please share in the comments section below!  🙂

Do you have any pictures of Grandpa that you would like to share on this blog?  Please send them to me at jessjer2008@gmail.comThank you!  🙂

With Love, Jess